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Generiparts recommends that the user carefully and thoroughly read our Privacy Policy, as it explains how all personal information is collected, processed, disseminated, preserved, shared and protected, as well as what may be do and what channels to use so that you can exercise your rights.

Responsible for data processing

All data and information collected will be processed by Generiparts – Comércio de Máquinas e Peças, Lda, Lda, legal person 513 020 314, headquartered in Centro de Empresas da Várzea, Armazém 1, Estrada de Arruda 2615-204 Alverca, within the scope of the GDPR.

Gathering information

By making your data available to Generiparts, the data subject consents to its being treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
In this way we collect information that has been directly provided by the respective owner or collected on our digital platforms, or through other services provided by us.
Any data about third parties provided by you will be your responsibility, for this reason you will have to ensure that the data and information provided by you are in accordance with the legislation in force and that the third party data subject agrees with this Privacy Policy and that your data has been obtained and provided with your consent.

How we collect information

• When you register or sign up to use, one of our websites, applications or services.
• When filling out contact forms, contact request, budget or others.
• When you comment, post or interact on one of our blogs, social media or other interactive platform.
• When you participate in one of our surveys, contests, sweepstakes or questionnaires.
• When uploading or downloading files, or any other file transfer.
• When you contact Generiparts via telephone, mail, fax or any other offline channel not mentioned here.

The information collected may contain the following personal data, for example:
• Name and surname (including trade name)
• Postal code
• E-mail address
• ID card number
• Information about your devices and applications (for example, location data or source URL)
• IP adress
• Cookies

How the information collected is used

The information we collect is used for the following purposes:

• Analysis of navigation profiles, development and customization of new products and services, content creation.
• Development, update and maintenance of information services, such as newsletters and applications.
• Information management, comparison and analysis, with the aim of improving, updating and personalizing our websites, applications, products, services and platforms.
• Management and administration of the products or services subscribed by you, in order to help protect and improve the security of your data and information.
• Management and administration of your file, portfolio, or customer account, so that all necessary information for the provision of contracted services or subscribed products is always up to date.
• Customer relationship management or CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
• Communication of legal obligations, legislative information, regulations, or any other mandatory.
• Presentation of advertising, marketing, useful information, based on data and statistics inherent to the use, navigation and interaction with our website, applications, platforms, services and products.

All information and data collected by us are treated and processed in accordance with the legislation in force, even those that are used based on the legitimate interests of Generiparts, always protecting the privacy of the data holder.

Third-party digital platforms and services

Generiparts is not responsible for the content and the Privacy Policy accessed through any hyperlink that leads the user to browse outside of our websites, platforms or applications. These same contents and privacy policies are the sole responsibility of their legal holders, and we are completely and totally unaware of how their data and information will be treated on these platforms.

Retention of data

The duration of retention of the data of the holder will be equal to the time of the commercial and professional relationship between the holder and Generiparts, and may extend beyond this period with the consent of the holder and in accordance with the legislation in force.

Rights of the holder

The holder reserves the following rights:
• Access to information and data held by us, as well as information about how they were obtained.
• Rectification or deletion of personal information and data.
• Right to the portability of your data.
• Limit or object to the processing of your data and personal information.
• Submit a complaint regarding data processing to the competent authority (CNPD)
• When the processing of your information and data is based on your consent, you can withdraw it at any time. Since it will not affect the lawfulness of the processing of personal data that has been carried out until now.
• Oppose the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or for reasons that relate to your specific situation.
• Receive your personal data in automatic reading format and send it to another controller (“data portability”).
For more information about your rights and other questions, consult the GDPR (


The so-called Cookies, are small files in text format that are used to store information and are transferred through internet browsers and applications with the purpose of storing, retrieving or updating data. The use of cookies is a fundamental aid in protecting and personalizing our websites, applications, platforms and services. The main purpose of its use is to improve the user experience, making the contents adapted to each individual.

Most cookies do not collect data that allows users to be identified and only collect information of a more general nature, such as the origin of the user arriving at the digital platform or the approximate location of the user.

The cookies stored on our platforms may be of the following types:
1. Simple and strictly necessary – they are necessary cookies so that our websites, applications, platforms and services can work correctly and become more efficient.

2. Performance – these are cookies that collect information and data on how the user uses our websites, applications, platforms and services, directing you according to your preferences. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor or user. The information collected by these cookies is aggregated and, being anonymous. We only use these cookies to improve the functioning of our platforms, for example to help us route traffic between servers and to understand the speed of loading.

3. Functionality and services – these cookies allow our websites, applications, platforms and services to store your preferences and choices (such as: username, language or location), thus guaranteeing better and more personalized features. These cookies
they can also be used to save changes that the user has made to the options on the web pages.

4. Advertising and consumption – these are cookies that allow you to personalize the commercial offers that are presented to the user, directing them according to your preferences and tastes. These can be own or third party cookies. These cookies help to analyze the effectiveness of offers, by monitoring consumption patterns. Even if the user does not accept these cookies, he / she will receive commercial offers, but without them corresponding to his / her preferences.
These also allow us to display advertisements to users who have previously visited the website, purchased products or used the applications, as well as recommend products and services based on that activity.

5. Web beacons – these are electronic tags that are used to help deliver cookies on our platforms, to account for users who have visited those websites and to provide marketing products at the same time. They also collect limited information that, however, does not allow the identification of people. These cannot be refused, but can be deactivated, with the user having to adjust the settings of their browser or device.

Disabling the use of cookies

You can configure our websites, applications, platforms and services or internet browser in order to eliminate or block cookies. However, if you disable cookies, your ability to use certain areas of our platforms may be affected and certain features of our products depend on their use. If you choose to block cookies, you will not be able to log in or use some of these features and will lose some of the cookie dependent preferences. If you choose to delete cookies, any settings and preferences controlled by those cookies, including advertising preferences, are deleted and may need to be recreated from scratch.

For more information about cookies and how to disable or delete cookies, you can consult the following websites: uses


For further questions about this Privacy Policy or how to exercise your rights please contact:


Várzea Business Center,
Warehouse 1, Estrada de Arruda
2615-204 Alverca

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Este site utiliza cookies para lhe proporcionar uma melhor experiência de navegação. Para saber mais sobre cookies, quais as suas finalidades e como geri-los, consulte a nossa  Política de Privacidade

Este site utiliza cookies para lhe proporcionar uma melhor experiência de navegação. Para saber mais sobre cookies, quais as suas finalidades e como geri-los, consulte a nossa  Política de Privacidade