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From the local to global, with the whole world as one market, Koppom Maskim has become a player to count on. It was in 1967 that Tommy Joralv started his company, then with two forestry machines.

Today the company sell 220 used machines annually, and with steady growth. A journey that speaks for itself.

Koppom Maskim also dismantles more than 130 forestry machines every year, and they are wanted spareparts, that will be placed in their stock and sold to customers. Every day 15 trucks deliver or dispatch goods at Koppom Maskim.

They recycle approximately 95% of their dismantled machines and the rest, such as oils, tubes, etc, also goes to recycling. And they are also certified from the state department.

For all of the above, Koppom Maskim is one of GENERIPARTS trusted partners.

Together we will do better!

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